Nobody has ever truly experienced rejection until they use Vendor Central.

Try as you might, you’ll inevitably run afoul of it sometime, due to a combination of unforeseen consequences, lack of context, and sheer bad luck. In this semi-regular series, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite content rejections. Even if they caused us to pull our hair out in frustration at the time, you have to look back on these things and laugh.*

Certifiably Pointless

Recent farce: Amazon Italy rejected a page for including the term ‘certified’ (“certified as anti-allergenic by ECARF").

Our client wanted it included, so we raised a Contact-us and asked Amazon to review the context. Their response was to just close the case and publish the content… without the word certified (so it just read “anti-allergenic by ECARF”).

We had to go in after publication and edit it to read “validated as anti-allergenic by ECARF”, which was accepted and published with no problems?
Bothered of Sowerby Bridge
A+ Content Designer