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Retail News and Trends

September online sales up on last year – but down on last month: ONS


Online sales grew by 9.1% on September 2018, but were 2% down on August 2019, according to the latest ONS Retail Sales report for September 2019.

Retail sales dip for first time in months


Retail sales in the U.S. in September dipped for the first time in seven months and could prompt an interest rate cut in a few weeks.

Holiday sales growth will hit at least 3.8%, claims NRF


Holiday retail sales in November and December will increase between 3.8% to 4.2%, compared to 2018, according to the National Retail Federation.

Shoppers will spend just as much, possibly more this holiday season


This holiday season U.S. consumers are expected to spend as much, or more, than they did in 2018 and they’re projected to hit brick-and-mortar retail locations for gift inspiration.

Four ways shopper behaviour is changing


The latest retail trends are mapped in two reports out this week. John Lewis’ Retail Report 2019, now in its seventh year, shows how its customers opted to buy over the last year, while the third edition of Salesforce’s Connected Shoppers Report points to how shoppers are buying, according to its survey of more than 10,000 shoppers around the world – including 501 in the UK and Ireland.

Germany and Italy lag other European countries in click and collect uptake


Germany and Italy have significantly lower numbers of customers ordering products online and picking up in store than European counterparts, a new survey has found.

Social Media

Social influencers have led to the rise in fast fashion, with 30% of shoppers using Instagram for inspiration


Fast fashion can be described as inexpensive, mass produced clothing designed to meet the latest trends. A survey carried out by the academy found more than half (54%) of people believe influencers have at least partly caused a rise in this type of clothing.

More people trust (and distrust) Facebook than any other social site — [survey]


66% said that data-privacy concerns had impacted their trust of social media.


Different ways voice search is affecting your brand


Today, a chunk of people find new products online and also place the orders online. However, a paradigm shift can be observed in how they approach this which is how we see more and more people searching for information on the web using voice-commands rather than textual queries.


How to Master a Different Kind of Marketing Funnel


So much marketing advice looks at how to get new customers. But what about strengthening relationships with the customers you already have?