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Retail News and Trends

Visitors to UK stores fell by 10% in the last seven years: BRC/Springboard


The number of people visiting UK stores fell by 1.7% in September – and has fallen by 10% in the last seven years alone, new figures suggest.

Cyber Monday set to be a biggie if 2018 is anything to go by, data shows


Despite a 25% increase in adoption rates by brands, the report finds that conversion rates for Cyber Monday in 2018 increased by a whopping 57% year on year and were almost three times higher than the conversion rates of standard emails.

UK businesses could gain £34.1bn in productivity as a result of enhanced connectivity, says O2 study


As the only major advanced economy that is expected to record slowing productivity growth this year – according to data published by think-tank, The Conference Board – investment in connectivity could provide a welcome boost to UK productivity levels, following the Bank of England’s recent warning that Brexit has cut output per worker by up to 5%.

Personalization can pay off in holiday time, claims study


Customers acquired during a previous holiday season are more than twice as likely to convert the next holiday season compared to other customers.

Social Media

Survey: Facebook viewed as most personal shopping platform


When it comes to discovering products and brands Facebook is tops with consumers, according to a survey from Clinch, an AI platform that leverages data to create personal customer ad experiences.

Facebook could reach a third of the world’s population by year end, analyst suggests…


Facebook is poised to reach 2.5 billion daily active users (DAU) by the end of 2019 – offering a massive opportunity to retailers, finds a report out this week.

… while a fifth of teens delete social media apps as they fear they spend too much time online


While the world may well be slowly going totally Facebook, many kids are starting to see the impact of social media on their lives and are deleting such apps.

Social media ad spend to surpass print for first time


Social media will own 13% of global ad spend in 2019, according to a Zenith forecast.


Grammarly gets $90 million boost to put toward technology, product development


The company plans to focus on enterprise and employ AI to develop more sophisticated solutions like its tone detector.


Retail marketers put international expansion top of their 2020 priority list, study finds


A new international study by Rakuten Marketing of the luxury fashion, mainstream fashion, retail, travel and finance industries finds that despite the backdrop of Brexit, 53% of marketers across Europe have made expanding into new markets their top priority for 2020.

Empathy Marketing: How to Understand Your Customers, in 10 Steps


If you don’t truly understand your customer and the challenges they face, there’s little chance your content or brand message will make a lasting impact.

International Retail Index 2019


Driving innovation, embracing new tech platforms and speedier fulfilment are some of the characteristics defining international success, a new 30-retailer benchmarking report finds.