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Retail News and Trends

Sales fall on high street as consumers ‘wait for Brexit clarity’: BDO


The latest BDO High Street Sales Tracker showed store sales down by 3.1% on a like-for-like basis that strips out the effect of store, and business, openings and closures. That 3.1% fall came on top of a 2.7% fall last September.

Amazon’s French and Indian sites should be added to “Notorious Markets” list according to trade body


The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has called on the US Trade Representative to include Amazon France and Amazon India marketplaces to the annual US counterfeit watchlist.

Digital grocery sales on healthy growth path


Digital grocery order sales is predicted to double by 2021, hitting $150 billion by 2025, as the number of grocers offering click and collect and third-party delivery will grow 150% in the next two years.Digital grocery sales will account for 14% of overall grocery sales.

Omnichannel shopping grabbing traction among consumers


On average, 74% of consumers ‘webroom’ (research online, purchase in-store) predominantly for electronics, clothing, and household items.

Google intros price-tracking, enhanced visual search in latest e-commerce bid


Shopping received a redesigned homepage that is more personalized based on user habits and has the option to complete purchases from online retailers, at nearby stores or directly through Google.

Is Amazon on a collision course with the government?


As investigations into the e-commerce giant’s marketplace and competitive practices heat up, it faces a heightened risk of antitrust litigation.


5 attention-grabbing, high conversion mobile experiences that meet the expectations of today’s customers


Today’s customers are mobile. To buy something, a shopper now is as likely to reach for their smartphone as they are to pick up their laptop. They are even more likely to do either than walk into a store.


How AI translations are breaking down language barriers, opening up e-commerce


EBay introduced an artificial intelligence-powered translation tool in 2014 to help accommodate global sales. Economists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Washington University studied a slice of sales data from before and after the new technology and discovered that sales improved by almost 11% when translations improved as well.

Tech 100 2019: The innovators shaping the future of commerce


Retail Week’s Tech 100 index gives you the lowdown on the 100 most influential people shaping the future of commerce through technology and digital innovation.


How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years — Organically


How we operationalized our blog for triple-digit growth

Show and sell: The art of brand storytelling through content and influencers


How can brands keep up in a digital landscape where consumers constantly swerve the companies trying to reach them? How do they make meaningful connections in a world where thirty-seven percent of consumers feel more disconnected to companies now than they did two years ago?

The answer is simple: Tell a story. Every brand needs one.