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Retail News and Trends

Retail sales flatten in August as shoppers spend less online


Today’s ONS Retail Sales report for August 2019 estimated that retail spending – excluding fuel – was flat (+0.0%) compared to July 2019 as shoppers bought 0.3% fewer goods.

Amazon’s search could push customers toward in-house products


A change made to Amazon’s search algorithm could raise antitrust concerns.

Amazon’s Allbirds clone shows its relentless steamrolling of brands


In its pursuit of being “the Everything Store,” Amazon has been known to copy popular items and sell them itself for cheaper.

Retailers and brands need to up their email game as research shows many consumers see most of it as spam


Nearly half (45%) of consumers feel the email communication they receive from brands feels like spam, while 25% have even given a false email address to a retailer as a result to avoid being bombarded by sales messages.

30% of all ecommerce traffic comes from bots


Bots account for a staggering percentage of ecommerce website traffic across the globe, according to new research from Imperva, which found that just 69.2 per cent of traffic comes from humans.

Consumers still leery when it comes to social media site shopping


While consumers are increasingly using social media sites when it comes to shopping, a hefty majority (90%) are concerned about security when it comes to payment and personal data safety.


Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% [Study]


According to BrightEdge, paid and organic search drive more than 70% of revenues for B2B and the other verticals.


Day Two to One Day


Amazon.com was showing signs of being a Day Two company, including the alleged manipulation of search. There is reason, though, to be optimistic that the company has gotten back to Day One.

Understanding Amazon – how every retailer’s biggest threat operates


If you ask most retail leaders what their biggest threat is, you’ll hear one common answer: Amazon.

How to Onboard Clients with Immersion Workshops


Spending quality time getting to know your client, their goals and capabilities, and getting them familiar with their team sets you up for a better client-agency relationship.

Content Marketing

Better vs. New: How Content Marketers Can Reset Their Priorities


If there’s one thing every content marketer loves, it’s the grind.