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Retail News and Trends

Online retail sales slump to lowest ever July growth


Uptick in June an anomaly, as online retail sales in July grew by just 4.4% year-on-year

Q2 UK Industry report reveals retail impact of Brexit uncertainty, although online is doing alright


Retailers continue to face challenges on all fronts, not least from the deepening Brexit crisis and its attendant uncertainty. However, online retail continues to grow overall and the number of retail liquidations is slowing.

More than a third of retailers admit they are unprepared for the digital ‘future’


The survey of 100 top UK retailers, conducted by full-service eCommerce agency PushON, found that 20% have not invested anything in developing the digital side of their business in the past year.

Amazon has “no choice” but to raise seller fees 3% in tax retaliation


Amazon is raising seller fees in France in direct response to a recently imposed digital tax, escalating its standoff with the French government.


Insta-shopping : Is it worth a retailer’s investment?


Instagram is an ideal platform for branded advertising and its shopping feature is easy to use. A few clicks and consumers can bag their favourite items. But it is worth the time and effort for retailers to implement it in their strategies?


How to pitch to top online publishers: 10 Exclusive survey insights


When you earn the attention of top-tier press, you reap the business benefits of large-scale brand exposure and the SEO benefits of high-authority backlinks. It’s a win-win.

Six beloved content marketing tools recommended by the pros


One great way to find the best content marketing tools is to take a look at what the pros are using and recommending. Here are six of the best, as recommended by six top content marketers.

Why Your Prospect Chooses Your Competitor


So, if a prospect chooses a competitor over your business, it’s likely because your competitor has revealed themselves to their audience in ways that you haven’t … yet.

Empathy Mapping: The Secret Ingredient of Content Strategy You Can’t Overlook


At industry conference after industry conference, I fail to hear anyone talk about one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing: talking to your customers.