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Retail News and Trends

Online sales stage a recovery but retail sales show longest decline since 2011: CBI


It found that sales volumes fell in the year to July, marking the longest period of decline since 2011. However, July’s decline was less marked than that shown in June.

Reach out to customers: is merchandising set for change?


RetailX research aims to assess how IREU Top500 retailers are performing here by looking at the merchandising techniques retailers use on their websites and apps.

Customer experience now a key driver for shoppers – and retailers: study


The Klarna study, Experience is the new loyalty, questioned more than 2,000 UK adults and more than 250 retail decision makers and found that 32% of consumers say that shopping is less fun than it used to be, while 36% say that what they’ve gained in convenience they’ve lost in experience.

ANALYSIS New insights into how Prime Day went for Amazon – and its competitors


Fresh analysis from Hitwise and AppsFlyer takes a further look at how the day went, both for Amazon and for its competitors.

Retail health and consumer confidence low or falling: analysis


The KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank (RTT) has concluded that retail health deteriorated more than expected in the second quarter of 2019.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos hails Prime scheme despite missing profit forecasts


Ebay to launch its own warehouse and fulfillment network in Amazon challenge

US government to probe online platforms over antitrust concerns


The US government has launched antitrust investigations into online platforms such as Amazon and Google in a move that could have far-reaching consequences for online retail.


A multichannel world: how European retailers are responding to the new reality of mobile-first retailing


When looking at developments within multichannel retail, it really is impossible to ignore the impact of the smartphone.

Voice, AI, and Tech

More than half of consumers happy to use voice to pay for low-value goods – but most shy from using the technology for larger purchases: study


More than half of consumers would use voice to pay for low value goods, a new study has found – but most are as yet unwilling to make more costly purchases.

AR and VR in retail: do shoppers buy the hype?


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