Amazon UK pricing for A+ 2.0 Detail Pages

PCS copywriting service ends, legacy system to remain until 15th December

As of this morning the new  A+ 2.0 system has gone live for Amazon UK Vendors, and across the EU as a whole. As we’ve previously mentioned, the new system allows for A+ to be assembled using drag-and-drop modules to simplify creating the page layout. For more details on how the new system works check out our preview of Amazon A+ 2.0.

The legacy system will remain until 15th December 2014 to allow any projects still in progress to be finished and edited. From that point onwards any future editing will require the old A+ to be overwritten by a new A+ 2.0 page. Amazon say that the switch to the 2.0 system is being largely driven by a desire to future-proof A+ for seamless display on mobile devices — something that suggests that vendors might want to take a look at replacing some existing content, especially on products with a long lifecycle.

Pricing for Amazon UK is confirmed, and is broken down by Vendor Tier. Basic modules cost £50 – £200 each, with Advanced modules costing £150 – £300. A full list of the current prices can be seen in the screenshot above.

Amazon have a provided an example of the new A+ system in action. We’ve also spotted a few other A+ 2.0 pages cropping up across Europe in the past month.

Another development is the closing of the PCS copywriting service for A+. Although PCS will still continue to compile A+ pages for requesting vendors, from 1st January all editorial copy will have to be created and submitted by the vendors. This changes also spells the end for pre-coded A+ pages being submitted to PCS for upload.

This move tallies with Amazon UK’s desire to move away from committing large resource to editorial services, and they say that the changes will reduce the delay in A+ upload times “due to less need for additional edits”.


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