Mobile preview in Amazon Vendor Central can be easily selected from the Preview page

When previewing A+ in Amazon Vendor Central, you can choose to view either “MOBILE” or “DESKTOP” layouts.

Hot on the heels of their recent content improvements, Amazon have added a new feature to the Vendor Central A+ tool. Now, when you generate preview links for your content, it’s possible to choose between both “Desktop” and “Mobile” layouts.

You’ll find it’s easy to switch between the two layouts on offer in the tool. In a nice touch, the generated URLs all have a “deviceType=___” suffix, making it simple to organise multiple links.

Mobile Preview: Here Comes the “But…”

Annoyingly, the mobile preview contains none of the new content improvements that were rolled out in the summer. This means, as a mobile preview …it doesn’t really work? You’ll find that much of the content is hidden behind a “concertina” interface that no longer exists. The image display sizes are often smaller than what you’ll find on site, too.

It’s frustrating, but once again this is a step in the right direction, with plenty of room for improvement. As soon as Vendor Central is updated with the latest set of layout tweaks, it’ll be a great tool for creating content on all platforms.